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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Facebook Radio Report Card 1/25/12

Here are some observations and data from monitoring the Facebook posts of 14 selected stations.

This week the News Feed for the stations came up with:

  • 157 posts dating back 60 hours that's up from the 85 posts we had last week. 
  • Types of Posts
    • Station Liners - Plugs for contests, music features, etc - 16 or 10%
    • Questions - "Are you watching American Idol" etc -48 or 30%
    • News/Info - Links to Videos, funny Pictures or News facts - 74 or 47%
    • Personality Posts - 'On my 2nd cup of Coffee need more'  - 14 or 9%
    • Music News - Posts on upcoming releases, artist news -- 4 or 3%
  • Top 5 Posts with most Likes
    • 652 - A pic of Limp Biscuit - Pillsbury Dough can breaks - also 139 comments and 141 shares
    • 285 - Paterno dies - news in Pittsburgh 
    • 262 - Penguins win #500 in Pittsburgh
    • 258 - Go Pats in Boston
    • 229 - German gets 110,000 tax refund in error.
  • Top 5 Posts with most Comments
    • 196 - Stars you've seen or movies filmed in our city
    • 163 - Pick superbowl in Pittsburgh
    • 139 - Pic of Limp Biscuit
    • 125 - Taco Bell for Breakfast
    • 94- What did you do this weekend
Sports really picks up a lot more content this past week with the Superbowl teams all set.  There wasn't much on the Oscar nominations and no posts on political issues.  Remember we have Rock, AC, Country and CHR stations in this mix.  Rock stations had the most active and highest number of posts this week.   By the way the pic of the Limp Biscuit just in case you wanted to know:   

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