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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Facebook Radio Report Card - 4-19-12

Greetings and welcome to this weeks Report Card on the 'Focus Group' of 25 very active Radio Stations in a variety of music formats tracking their posts on Facebook over the last 3 days (4-17 to 4-19-12).  The overall posting trends revolved around a few events this week including:

  • Dick Clark's passing drew a number of posts from AC, Classic Hits, and some Rock stations.  
  • Clear Channel outlets had a number of posts promoting specific artist channels on I Heart radio that seemed to be coming from a central post scheduling system.  In CHR-Rhythmic stations they were pushing a Drake stream.  In Country Brantley Gilbert's channel.  In Rock a channel around Soundgarden with their new release this past week and for AC a Jason Mraz feed.  It increased the number of "Music" posts by a big margin. 
  • The recent 'study' that claim we could save 7 billion by legalizing marijuana was also posted by a number of rock stations with considerable comment levels.   
Here is a breakdown of the post categories over the 3 days with 268 posts tracked: 

Station Liners - 13%
Pics, News, Links, - 38%
Music news/links - 32%
Contests - 8%
Polls-Questions - 7%

Posts with the most Likes: 
  • Meth and Elmo - pic below - 647
  • Keith Richards poster - 532
  • Sean's Mom passes from WDVE pic tribute post - 530
  • Home Depot aisle sign - pic below - 330
  • Pitt Penguins not out of it yet poster - 391
  • Pic of Sign - Zombies can't swim buy a boat - 262
  • Tribute to KINK announcer Les Spanoff on anniversary of passing - 262
  • Pic of Woman sitting on big tree stump - big wood - 260
  • Cat drifting in pool in a box - poster - 237
  • Text Message need a dictionary - 232
  • Baby poster - see below - 221
  • MTV played videos - see below - 190 
Most Comments
  • Sean's Mom passes at WDVE - 569
  • Is this pic a 'butt' or is it 'cleavage' - 132
  • Zombies can't swim - 95
Top Shares
  • Keith Richards poster - 272
  • Pitt Penguins poster - 151
  • Meth & Elmo - 150
  • Zombies can't swim - 94
  • Cheap I Pad - see below - 91
We did have more shares this week and comments were slightly off on many posts.   

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