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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Facebook Radio Report Card - 3-28-2012

Posts seemed to be a little light this week on Facebook from our panel of 25 stations in all formats.  Perhaps there wasn't the volume of new music releases, the opening for Hunger Games, the debate/coverage of the teen murder in Florida, and some of the other topics we had last week.  This week seems a bit light so far.  Still we do have some big reaction posts - the audience seems to be engaging with the stations in our focus group more every week.

Here is a breakdown of the topic categories covered in the 188 posts we saw over a 36 hour span this week.
  • Station Liners - 14%
  • Pics - Links - Videos - News - 50%
  • Music links/videos - 14%
  • Contests - 12%
  • Polls and Questions - 10%

Top Posts for LIKES: 
  • Adam Levine poses nude for Breast Cancer research in Cosmo - 1,442 likes
  • Lady in bikini mowing grass - 868 likes
  • Kid's excuse note (below) - 614 likes
  • Worship Sign (below) 601 likes
  • Gonna Win Mega Millions and quit - 358 likes
  • Showing too much booty - 298 likes
  • Beer at end of rainbow in truck (below) - 289 likes
  • Mamogram for Men cartoon (below)- 274 likes

Top Posts for Comments:
  • Adam Levine nude - 291
  • Bikini mowing grass - 286
  • Octomom poses topless - 176
  • Miss Canada a Male? - 149

Top Posts for Shares: 
  • Adam Levine poses nude - 225
  • Worship sign - 176
  • Smart tracking dog looks at underwear and pulls away (pic) - 130 
You can still see some Urban and Rhythmic stations with posts and comments around the teen killing in Florida.   The continued warm Spring is also in lots of posts and pics.  Over the next week we'll see the Easter break hit and the Spring rating period gets rolling so we'll see how our focus group of stations react on Facebook.

Also this Friday is THE DEADLINE - all your brand pages will be converted to the Time Line format for your landing and wall pages.   Make sure you have a good photo that is 851 by 351 pixels and it CANNOT have any Contact Info or Calls To Action.

If you post pics look at posting them in albums of 4 - the layout is unique

There are more tips including 'pinning' posts - to stay up for 7 days, landing pages are gone and a new system has replaced it.

For more info http://www.v3im.com/2012/03/how-to-maximize-facebook-timeline-for-your-brand-or-business-page/#axzz1qMSkJJE4

As always this will be greeted with lots of complaints.   But that's FB.  


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